Key Issues of the Scientific Programme

1. Comprehensive scientific programme. More than 20 sections (key fields of medical).

2. Discussion Area “Sense of life and health risks reduction.

3. Meetings with experts, discussions, round tables.

4. Clinical analysis, LIVE translations from operating rooms.

5. Evidence-based medicine

6. Issues and Challenges of Continuing Medical Education (Russian CME & others).

7. Scientometric indicators. Citation indexes for analysis and evaluation of scientific activity. Hirsch Index, RINC, Science Index, etc.

8. Clinical recommendations and materials for participants of the Congress.

9. Specialized exhibition: medical equipment and pharmaceutical novelties, ultrasound diagnosis and screening, radiology, radiation diagnostics / therapy, epidemiology, private and public medicine, specialized associations and societies, WHO standards, AIPM statistics and policy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical economics, clinical research, medical education, medical book publishers.