The Art of
Russian National
Medical Congress

21 – 23 may 2020

  • 2500 Participants
  • 12 Directions
  • 20 Themes


RNMC “Bienalle: The Art of Medicine 2020” — multidisciplinary scientific and practical congress for physicians and health care organizers. Bienalle: The Art of Medicine 2019 is a unique platform, which represents the most advanced technologies and proven techniques for the most relevant medical fields: disease prevention, medical diagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, clinical research, evidence-based medicine, as well as training and scientific communications, medical tourism, private and public medicine. RNMC “Bienalle: The Art of Medicine 2019” will focus on a discussion of the key theme “Opinions and Evidence-Based Medicine”.

SZGMU im I.I. Mechnikov


To maximize the practical format of the Congress scientific programme. The program is developed not only by well-known international and Russian experts, opinion leaders, but also in co-authorship with future participants of the Congress. Three main stages of healthcare development will be considered within the framework of the main sessions:

summing up the results of the
20th anniversary of the XXI century

summing up the results of the
20th anniversary of the XXI century

trends of digital
medicine and innovation

Key areas

1. Disease prevention
2. Epidemiology
3. Organization of health care
4. Economics of medicine
5. Private and public medicine
6. Medical tourism
7. Education in medicine
8. Principles of evidence-based medicine and clinical research
9. Medical publications and journals
10. Medical journalism and scientific communication
11. Pharmacology – problems proving the effectiveness of drugs.
12. Screening and early diagnosis
13. The future of radiation diagnosis
14. Surgery – craft, art or science
15. Molecular genetics – medical prospects
16. Cardiology
17. Pediatrics
18. Endocrinology
19. Obstetrics and gynecology
20. Gastroenterology
21. Oncology
22. Urology

Key Issues of the Scientific Programme


  1. Comprehensive scientific programme. More than 20 sections (key fields of medical).
  2. Meetings with experts, discussions, round tables.
  3. Clinical analysis, LIVE translations from operating rooms.
  4. National research.
  5. All-Russian competition of young scientists.
  6. Issues and Challenges of Continuing Medical Education (Russian CME & others).
  7. Scientometric indicators. Citation indexes for analysis and evaluation of scientific activity. Hirsch Index, RINC, Science Index, etc.
  8. Clinical recommendations and materials for participants of the Congress.
  9. Poster session / Online Participation
  10. Scientific publication, journal / newspaper of the Congress, collection of articles.
  11. Specialized exhibition: medical equipment and pharmaceutical novelties, ultrasound diagnosis and screening, radiology, radiation diagnostics / therapy, epidemiology, private and public medicine, specialized associations and societies, WHO standards, AIPM statistics and policy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical economics, clinical research, medical education, medical book publishers.

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